Josh Holowicki

Technical, Lighting & Scenic Director

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Josh’s passion for theater has brought him to the BCPA for his ninth show with the Brighton High School Musical Theater Program. He has over 13 years of lighting and scenic design experience, has toured dozens of stages across the country, designed numerous lighting systems, and has learned from or worked directly with top lighting designers, including Tony Award winner Ken Billington. Josh has been interviewed or written for several trade publications related to lighting and scenic design. Josh is an advisory board member for Martin Professional Lighting and he currently owns E2i Design, a lighting, audio, and video production and design company. Josh has also served as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Brighton Center for Performing Arts since 2014. He would like to thank all of the hard working volunteer parent teams who have made this show a success; without you we could not pull this off. He would also like to thank the cast and student production team members for their tireless dedication to excellence; it’s never easy but always worth it! Additionally, he would like to thank his fellow Creative Team members for their unbelievable investment of time, talent, and energy to bring something unique and special to the BCPA stage! Lastly, and most importantly, he would like to give a BIG shout out to his wife Michelle whose commitment to this program is unlike anything he has ever seen in professional theater. Her passion for the quality of the finished product is amazing, especially while teaching full time on top of it all…what an inspiration!