Eric Guerin

Set Manager, BCPA Manager

Eric manages the Brighton Center for the Performing Arts under the direction of Brighton Community Education. Born in Ottawa, Canada where his family still resides, he left his former homeland in 1995 to join the international performing group Up with People. His career in the performing arts began as he traveled around the world with them for over five years learning the tools of the trade and helping manage a cast and crew of over 150 students. On tour he met a lovely girl from Michigan and the rest as they say, is history! Candy and Eric got married in May 2000 and now reside in Howell. He followed his other passion to make a living as a portrait photographer until 2008 when he was lucky enough to find a way back into the entertainment world. Eric has now been at the BCPA for almost eight years and enjoys the multifaceted nature of this theater. He would like to thank all the parents and students involved in making White Christmas a reality and especially the Creative Team who are so passionate about their work! No other team has the creative juices necessary to accomplish this seemingly impossible feat year after year! Eric would like to send his love to his wife Candy with whom he shares the greatest adventure of life and parenthood. Their son Drew is a constant inspiration to live life to its fullest.