Cate A.


Addor Cate 57L.jpg

Cate Addor is a sophomore at BHS and this will be her first production with Brighton Musical, but her 10th on stage performance overall with both BHS and The Encore Youth Theater. She is looking forward to participating in even more shows through the coming years. Cate is currently in Swing Dance Club and Performing Arts Club. When she’s not at the high school, Cate likes to read books or dive into the story of a movie or tv show. Cate would like to thank her family for coming to all of her shows. She would also like to thank her friends, who are always there when she needs them.

Grace A.

Player #1

Allardice Grace 57L.jpg

Grace is a senior at BHS and has been a part of numerous musicals with Young People's Theatre in Ann Arbor including The King and I, Fiddler on the Roof, Annie, The Little Mermaid, The Wizard of Oz and Godspell. She was also a part of this year’s play production of The Dining Room. This is Grace's third musical at BHS and she is excited to share the magic! She would like to thank her family and friends for their continuous support and love throughout the years, and for helping her find her passion in acting!

Carson A.


Arcuri_Carson 57L.jpg

Carson is a Senior at BHS and he is extremely excited to be playing the role of Charles in this year's production of Pippin. This is Carson's 5th production at BHS, and he has enjoyed every single one of them! Carson is also a Boy Scout in BSA Troop 350 in Brighton. He is involved in the BHS Choir and is involved in the BHS a cappella groups; Notetorious and Pandemonium. Carson hopes that this year's production makes you laugh and hopes that every member of the audience has the time of their lives. Carson would like to send out a special thanks to his family as his parents have been a very strong influence on him and he loves them very much. He also gives a large thank you to the directors of the production for the memories over the past 4 years.

Brendan A.

Sound Assistant/ Special Effects/Tech Assistant

Aten Brendan 57L.jpg

Brendan is a junior at BHS and this will be his second musical production. During his free time, he likes to spend time with his friends and when he's not helping CiCiat the sound board,  he is a part of drumline and enjoys playing the guitar. He would like to thank his friends and family for helping him handle his crazy schedule and always being there for him.

Hannah B.


Bedner Hannah 57L.jpg

Hannah is a junior at BHS and is thrilled to be a part of the musical again after playing clarinet in the pit orchestra for Honeymoon in Vegas. Outside of the musical, she is section leader of the clarinets in the BHS marching 200+  and enjoys skiing and playing volleyball. Hannah would like to thank Sophie Wisbiski, her family and friends for being awesome and always supporting her, and everyone who has inspired her love of music.

Sara B.

Stage Manager

Binks_Sara 57L.jpg

Sara is a senior at BHS and is 18 years old.  Sara has been a part of the last 3 musicals at BHS; Honeymoon in Vegas,  White Christmas and Nice Work if You Can Get It. She can't wait to add this musical to the list.  She loves working with the musicals and hanging out with her friends during the long rehearsal hours.  Sara has also been a part of BHS choirs for all of high school. After high school Sara plans to go into engineering to work with race cars.   Sara would like to thank her mom and her dad for always believing in her and telling her to never give up on her dreams no matter how big and always having her back. She also wants to thank her whole family for having a flexible schedule so they can see all of her performances and support everything she does.

Maizie B.


Braasch_Maize 57L.jpg

Maizie is a freshman at BHS. This will be her third big musical, but not the first time she has performed. She likes to sing in her free time and she performed in BHS Choirs, Brighton Idol back in September. Maizie is a horseback rider and she is also planning on doing track this year! She loves being in musicals and choir in general! Maizie would like to thank her family, friends, cast, and directors for everything they have done to make this show such a success! She is so proud of everyone and everything that came together to make this possible over the past months! She hopes you enjoy the show!

Liam B.

Stage Left Coordinator

Brien_Liam 57L.jpg

This is Liam's first year in the BHS musical. He is in tenth grade. Liam is an active member of the Brighton Marching Band and has played the flute for 5 years. His hobbies include reading, listening to and playing music, and running. Liam enjoys working backstage where he is best suited to working with the actors, the off-stage cast and the directors.  Liam would like to thank his family for supporting him in both in and out of school activities and would also like to thank them for believing that he could get a role in this year's musical.

Spencer C.


Cacicedo_Spencer 57L.jpg

Spencer is in his Junior year of high school and he wishes to continue in music arts that he is actively in. He is in The Marching 200 and is in Wind Ensemble. He is in Varsity Men's Choir and has been influenced to join this production. He loved the past productions and always wanted to be in one. He excitedly said "I'm very grateful for this opportunity and I'm excited where this takes me".  Spencer gives his thanks to his parents for supporting him in everything he does. He also gives thanks to those friends who heavily suggested this. He gives thanks to the producers for giving him this opportunity and everything they taught him.

Jem C.


Calcut_Jem 57L.jpg

Jem is in 11th grade and has been working with Brighton musical for three years now. Last year was their first year onstage and they absolutely fell in love with the feeling of performing. Some of their hobbies include writing, choir and hanging out with friends. They hope to one day attend The University of Michigan with a major in Psychology.  Jem would like to thank their sister for always supporting them and taking interest in the things they enjoy. They would also like to thank their parents and Mr. Johnson for always supporting and helping them along their musical journey.

Lexy C.

Off-Stage Cast

Catner_Lexy 57L.jpg

Lexy is a sophomore at BHS, she loves being part of the high school's drumline and participating in the Marching Band. Lexy has a passion for art forms such as playing and creating music, drawing, and makeup. She aspires to become a professional makeup artist. Lexy was part of the hair and makeup crew of last years musical, Honeymoon In Vegas. She is also a part of the BHS Swing Dancing club. Lexy is planning to continue being part of every musical performed by BHS until graduation. She would like to thank her friends and family that encourage her to keep pursuing her love of the arts.

Madelynn C.


Coppola Madelynn 57L.jpg

Madelynn is a Junior at BHS and is thrilled to be involved in Pippin, her 2nd musical. She is in Advanced Women's Ensemble, one of the choirs at BHS. She's been involved with music since she was 9 years old.  She was a cheerleader for 7 years and a coach for 3.  Madelynn would like to thank her family for supporting her all these years, and having to listen to her sing around the house everyday. She is so thankful for all of the people who have had her back. Enjoy the show!  

Glory C.

Assistant Acting Director

Crosheck_Glory 57L.jpg

Glory Crosheck is in 9th grade at BHS. She is very excited to be part of the Brighton Musical Theater Program. Glory enjoys playing softball, singing in choir, and is on the color guard. These activities, plus raising lambs for fair, tend to take up most of her time. She was previously in Willy Wonka Jr. and Elf Jr. at Scranton.  Glory would like to thank her dad and her step family for always supporting her in everything she wants to do. Hope you enjoy the show!

Makenna C.


Crossley_McKenna 57L.jpg

Makenna is excited to be apart of Brighton’s production of Pippin! She has been involved in the past two musicals and three plays. When Makenna is not on stage she is hanging out with her friends, singing in choir, participating in the BHS drama club, or her personal favorite sleeping. She would like to thank her family, friends, and teachers for supporting her and handling her busy schedule.

Angie D.


DeLisle_Angie 57L.jpg

Angie is a senior this year and has been apart of the musical for 3 years. She is excited to be back for Pippin and has been in the pit orchestra for White Christmas and Honeymoon in Vegas as well. Angie is apart of Wind Ensemble, Livingston County Honors Band, and Robotics. She really enjoys spending time with her pupper, Mozie. Angie will be attending Eastern Michigan next year to study Computer Science and a Music Minor. She would like to thank her family and friends for always supporting her.