Jess M.

Set painting/Stage hand

Mullin_ Jess 57L.jpg

Jess is a 10th grader from BHS. She loves to get involved as much as she can be. She loves to be a part of Vivace Women’s choir. She LOVES to sing and to write. This is Jess' first time doing a big production like this. She has worked very hard and is willing to work harder everyday. Not only does she like to sing and write, but she also spreads positivity as much as she can. She would like to thank her wonderful family, Mom, Dad, her brother Andrew, even her dog, for getting her to do her best everyday. She wants to thank her close friends for sticking by her side when she needed them: Caitlyn Strickler, Kari Cook, Katie Ferguson, Noel Neumann, Hope Tangey, Rune Osborn, and many more. She also thanks the people who have supported her on this journey of life. Love all of you!