Cast 5

Will W.


Wright, William W.jpg

William is a junior who has been in every play and musical since 9th grade. His main hobby is playing computer games. He is a leader of the sousaphone section in the Marching Band, is the principal tuba player in the Wind Ensemble, and hopes to make a career of his playing. William is excited for his first ever musical villain role, and the part, said role plays in the story.  He thanks his mom and sister for their support from within the cast, and his dad, uncle, and others who cheer him on from the audience.



Young, CJ W.jpg

CJ is a 11th grader. She did Honeymoon in Vegas in 9th grade, and Robin Hood this year. She enjoyed being on the off stage crew in the past play and musical. She was stagehand freshman year and fly-man for Robin Hood, which she really enjoyed. She enjoys drawing, painting and writing in her free time. She plans to do the play and musical next year. She also wishes to try out for an onstage role for the play next year. She would like to thank her parents for supporting her art career and for pushing her to do her best, she would also like to thank her brother who also did backstage crew for providing her a stepping stone.

Connor Y.


Young, Connor W.jpg

Connor is a 12th grader and this is his first year in the musical. He is an active member on the robotics team, and has been a part of the school band since 5th grade. In his free time, he enjoys playing video games and spending time with friends. He plans to go to the University of Michigan School of Engineering this fall.  He would like to thank his parents, siblings, and friends for getting him where he is today.

Kathleen Y.


Young, Kat W.jpg

This is Kat's second musical here at BHS. She has participated in five musicals overall. She is a member of Chicapella, and has danced on the competitive team at Theresa's Academy of Dance for eight years.   Kat Young would like to thank her parents for keeping her motivated, her friends for constantly encouraging her, and the wonderful directors of Newsies. She hopes you enjoy the show!

Rhiannon Z.

Production Assistant to the Choreographer

Zeiter, Rhiannon W.jpg

Rhiannon is in 11th grade this year and it is her third year in the musical theater program. She is also on leadership for Color Guard in the Marching Band and has been an offstage cast member for the fall play the past three years.  She would like to thank her mom for supporting her busy schedule and for always pushing her to do something new.