Cast 4

Gabby R.

Orchestra/Chorus Production Assistant

Rosenhack, Gabby W.jpg

Gabby is a junior this year and is very proud to be in Newsies. This is her third musical with last years Pippin and the previous year’s Honeymoon in Vegas. She was the pit/vocal production assistant in Pippin and in the Orchestra chorus for Honeymoon in Vegas. Gabby is a member of the choir group Bella Voce and loves to sing all day, every day. She is also a part of the a cappella group Da Capo.  Gabby would like to thank her Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Nana for being her support team through all of this. And a huge thank you to Mr. Johnson for allowing her to have this great opportunity!

Annie S.


Sallee, Annie W.jpg

Annie is a senior this year and this is her fourth musical at BHS. She is also a part of BHS choirs and the a cappella group called Chicappella. She also enjoys photography, videography, and hanging out with friends and family.  Annie would like to thank the directors for all they have done for her the past four years, as well as all the kids in the program for being the best family ever! Annie also wants to thank her actual family for always supporting her, especially her brother Clayton.

Will S.


Schineller, Will W.jpg

This is Will's first year in the pit orchestra. He is a 10th grader and is very passionate about music. He is in the BHS symphony band and a band called The Line. Will is planning on studying music theory in college and maybe even starting a band after that. He is really excited for the musical and cannot wait.   Will thanks his Parents for telling him to be the best he could ever be and to follow his dreams, his brother for encouraging him to shoot higher, and his best friends for always being there for him.

Ariana S.

Set Finishing

Silver, Ariana W.jpg

This is Ariana’s second musical at BHS and she is in 12th grade. She enjoys painting and set finishing has been the perfect job for her here at the BHS musical! Outside of musical Ariana enjoys helping out with Green Group. She plans to go to school for engineering next fall and continue her artistic hobbies!  She would like to thank her parents for supporting her love of the arts and lending a hand with the sets and for helping her succeed academically while doing musical. She wouldn't have the skills, work ethic, or passions that she has today without their love and support.

Deidra S.

Set Finishing

Silver, Deidra W.jpg

Deidra is in 9th grade and is excited to be backstage in her first musical. She helped out a small bit in last year's production of Pippin despite not being at BHS yet. She loves to help her community and is an avid member of Green Group. She tries to follow her sister's lead when she can, and is glad they're on the crew together.  Deidra would like to thank her sister and mother for always being there to support her and lead her down the right path.

Rachel S.

Horn and Percussion

Simmermon, Rachel W.jpg

Rachel is an 11th grader involved in her third BHS musical. Rachel has loved music her entire life and has been playing French Horn for seven years. She is in the BHS Wind Ensemble and the University of Michigan Youth Symphony Band. Rachel spends most of her time studying and hanging out with her family. Rachel would like to thank; Mrs. Hellick for being the best teacher and role model, her parents for always being supportive and selfless and all her friends and family for always making her smile.

Jamie S.


Snyder_Lily 57L.jpg

Jamie is in 10th grade. This is her first time being on stage for the BHS musical. She has been in 11 shows and she was previously in Robin Hood with BHS Dramatic Arts. During her free time she likes to read, play video games, hang out with friends and  cook. Jamie would like to say thank you to her family and friends who have supported her through this production. She would like to thank the directors for giving her this opportunity.

Ellie S.


Stark, Ellie W.jpg

Ellie is a 9th grader and this is her eighth show. She is so grateful for this opportunity and so lucky to be a part of such an incredible cast and production. Aside from theatre, Ellie also loves to run and is on the cross country team.  Special thanks to her endlessly supportive family, the creative team for making this show what it is, her voice coach Sally Mikat, and every single person that's worked on this production. "The things we do today will be tomorrow's news!"

Caitlyn S.


Strickler, Caitlyn W.jpg

Caitlyn is a sophomore. This is Caitlyn's first year participating in the musical at BHS. Caitlyn has been attending dance classes for 7 years, and enjoys musical choreography very much. She has also been in choir since 5th grade, and has taken voice lessons. She hopes to pursue acting as a career. Caitlyn feels overjoyed to be spending time with such fun people, who became her second family within the first three weeks of rehearsal.   Caitlyn would like to thank; her parents, brother, family, boyfriend, and close friends for being so supportive of her and her dance teachers for teaching her so many things that will help her in the future.

Emma T.


Tousignant, Emma W.jpg

Emma is in 11th grade with Newsies being her first musical but not her first production. She was previously  in Ugly Sweaters, The Dining Room and Robin Hood.  Outside of school she loves to draw,write, participate in the marching band and cheer. She loves theatre and has dreamed of being a part of this program since she was little!  She would like to thank her parents and friends for all of the support and encouragement she has received this past year!

Matthew T.

Wiesel/Teddy Roosevelt

Trisch, Matt W.jpg

Matthew is in 12th grade. This is his third musical at BHS, and he has acted in four of the plays at BHS. In his spare time, he likes to make short films, and he is also looking forward to attending film school in the fall.  Matthew would like to thank his parents for their constant encouragement and letting him participate in the activities he loves. He would also like to thank his friends for always supporting him.

Jacob T.

Joseph Pulitzer

Turner, Jacob W.jpg

Jacob is a sophomore and is very excited to be playing the villain in his 2nd BHS musical.  He has previously performed in BHS's  The Dining Room, Pippin, and Robin Hood, and Scranton's Elf Jr. and Willy Wonka Jr.  Jacob is very involved in the BHS choir program; serving on Choir Council, singing in;  Chiaroscuro, Chamber Choir, Notetorious, and BBQ; the Brighton Barbershop Quartet. Jacob plays on the BHS tennis team as well. Outside of school, Jacob sings in a barbershop chorus and his church choir.  Jacob wants to thank his voice teacher; Sally Mikat and his family and friends for their support! Enjoy the show!

Sophia V.

Jo Jo

Van Buren, Sophia W.jpg

Sophia is in 10th grade, this is her second year with the BHS Musical after she performed in Pippin. Before this, she had performed in other musicals in both Hartland and Brighton. She loves to sing and perform for others with all of her heart and hopes that you enjoy the performance.  Sophia would like to give a special thanks to her Mom for supporting her in every way, her sister for showing her BHS Musicals in the beginning, her brother for understanding why she sings so loudly at home, her Grandparents for always being there for her, and her Dad.

Annaliesa V.


Vogt, Annaliesa W.jpg

Annaliesa is a 9th grader  and she is super excited to be in this year's production of Newsies. This is Annaliesa's 12th year dancing at Academy of Dance and her first year with the BHS Dance Company. She absolutely loves tap, which is one of the main reasons she wanted to audition. She's also in choir and loves singing.  Annaliesa would like to thank her parents for helping her with the musical in general, her dance teachers for teaching her and being so flexible, and her family for always believing in her.

Ben W.

Stage Manager

Walker, Ben W.jpg

Ben is a 10th grader and is so excited to be a part of this year’s musical production of Newsies. Ben is part of a competitive tap class and sings in Varsity Men's Choir. He was in last years production of Pippin and Robin Hood this past November.   He would like to thank his friends, family, and his excellent directors who have supported him through it all.

Josh W.


Warder, Josh W.jpg

Josh is a 10th grader and is pumped to be a part of this year’s show. This is Josh's first musical at BHS. He has been in three other musicals at Grand Ledge High School and has had roles such as Chip in Beauty In The Beast, Michael in Mary Poppins, and Michael in Peter Pan. Josh is also a part of the BHS Chamber Choir and Notetorious.  Josh would like to thank his family for all their support, and his directors, fellow cast mates and everyone who helped out with the show.