Cast 3

Brianna L.


Larsen, Brianna W.jpg

Brianna is in 12th grade, and so happy to be involved in her 5th and final musical at BHS. She has also been in 4 plays with BHS Drama. In her free time she is in band and choir, has taken 5 years of voice lessons and attended Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp for vocal performance and will be touring internationally with their programs over the summer.   She would like to thank all of the people who have inspired and encouraged her over the years, and the audience for coming and supporting the program she has come to call home.

Teagan L.


Larzelere, Teagan W.jpg

This is Teagan’s first musical here at BHS, but not her first time in theater. She previously participated in Robin Hood and is ecstatic to be a part of Newsies. She is a member of the BHS marching 250 where she is a proud member of the drumline. Besides that, she often can be caught in a fantastic fantasy world of a book and loves spending time with her two dogs.   Teagan is thankful for the love and support of her mom and dad along with her friends who are always there for her through everything.

Maggie L.


Le, Maggie W.jpg

Although Maggie is in 11th grade, this is her first year in the musical, and she is extremely excited to take part in the pit orchestra. Maggie has played the violin since she was five, has been in the youth symphony orchestra of UofM for several years, and joined the BHS Drumline her sophomore year. In addition, she is on the varsity tennis team. In her free time, Maggie enjoys eating food, watching netflix, and hanging out with her friends. Maggie would like to thank her family and friends for their constant love and support.

Taylor L.


Lethorn, Taylor W.jpg

This is Taylor's 2nd year in the BHS Musical Theater. She is very excited and looking forward to many more. Taylor is a sophomore and she is in track and field. Also she is in an a cappella group and in choir. Taylor's likes to hang out with her family and friends.   Taylor wants to thank everyone for always believing in her and her dreams. She wants to give a special thanks to her voice teacher Karen Roberts, her mom, dad and all her family and friends. She is very thankful for being in the BHS musical theater family.

Melody M.

Stage Crew

Maciak, Melody W.jpg

This is Melody's third experience in a theater program, and her second experience in set crew. She is in 9th grade and is excited to be a part of this great program. Melody enjoys being in band, and being a part of clubs such as Green Group and Film Club. Even though she'll have a great time offstage, in the future she hopes to get a role onstage.  Melody would also like to thank her family and the lads and lasses that she has met during freshman year.

Ciel M.


Mandziuk, Ciel W.jpg

Ciel is so excited to perform in her first BHS musical as Splasher! She is a 9th grader who enjoys taking voice lessons, singing in Chicappella, and playing guitar while singing in her rock band. This is Ciel's second musical, her first being Pinckney Player's production of Aladdin Jr. in which she played Rajah. She loves to perform and sing and is so grateful for this opportunity to be in the BHS musical!  Ciel would like to thank her amazing family and anyone who has ever helped her in her musical journey!

Mckenna M.


Martin, Makenna W.jpg

This is McKenna's first official musical, however she did help with Pippin last year and participated in Robin Hood on hair and makeup. She is in 11th grade, and has been doing makeup for a while. She is self taught, and enjoys music, musicals, and making new friends. She knows that this years musical will be fantastic and is looking forward to a fun cast!  McKenna would like to thank her best friend, Hannah, for always pushing her to pursue her passions. She'd also like to thank her family for supporting her choices.

Dani M.

Hair and Makeup Assistant

McDaniel, Dani W.jpg

Danielle is ecstatic to be on the hair and makeup team again this year as a 11th grader, this being her 3rd show at BHS. She loves helping others and has well over 200 volunteer hours. Dani is also a part of the BHS drumline, and Science Olympiad team. Dani would like to thank her family, especially her sister, Chelsea, for being her best friend and her friends for their endless encouragement and support.

Olivia M.

Katherine Plumber

McMullen, Olivia W.jpg

Olivia is thrilled to be in her second musical at BHS, first performing as Berthe in Pippin. She is a senior and is a part of Bel Canto and Chamber Choir. You may have seen Olivia in multiple productions at Young People's Theater, as Newsies is her 25th musical. Olivia is ecstatic to continue musical theater in college!  She would like to thank Chelsea Packard for being such a supportive voice coach, the directors for giving her this incredible opportunity, and of course her friends and family for being a constant support through everything. Enjoy the show!

Sara M.

Set Construction/Stage Hand

McVey, Sara W.jpg

This is Sara's third experience in a school theater program. She's in 9th grade and has enjoyed working backstage in previous productions like Shrek Jr. Sara tries to put as much effort as she can into whatever she does. She's very excited to begin work building sets for this years musical.  Sara would like to thank her parents and friends for being supportive of her decision to participate in the musical.

Isabel M.


Mincy, Isabel W.jpg

Isabel is a freshman and beyond excited to be a part of her second musical. In eighth grade, she played the role of Donkey in Shrek The Musical Jr. Isabel is a member of Chicapella and Vivace and intends to pursue a career in music. She is very excited to be a part of the musical cast family. Isabel would like to give a special thanks to her family and friends for always supporting her, the creative team for putting faith in her and producing this amazing musical, and the crew for doing incredible work behind the scenes. She would also love to thank her voice teacher, Sally Mikat, for guiding and teaching her through her ongoing singing journey.

Alexis M.


Moskowitz, Alexis W.jpg

Alexis is a junior at BHS and she has been in the Brighton Musical program for the past three years. She did two musicals when she was in middle school but says Brighton High School has taken her love for being on stage to a whole new level. Alexis is also in student council and she loves participating in Project Unified. Being part of her school community is one of her favorite things. Alexis would like to give a special thanks to her family who supports her no matter what she does, and her friends that come and be part of anything that she decides to do.

Kaci M.

Hair and Makeup

Munir, Kaci W.jpg

Kaci is a sophomore at BHS. She has been on the BHS Drumline for the past 2 years and just joined the Power Lifting team. When not at school, she loves to hang out with friends and get her picture taken by the team at MLD Seniors, where she is an ambassador model. She is also a huge animal lover and spends many hours with her own cat and dog, as well as walking a few of the neighborhood dogs. Kaci would like to thank her friends Dani and Maggie for reminding her to sign up on time this year, her family for always encouraging her to follow her goals and do whatever she puts her mind to.

Ryan N.

Audio Engineer Support Assistant

Newcomb, Ryan W.jpg

Ryan is in 11th grade and is happy to be involved in many activities and clubs including Mountain Biking, Archery, Trumpet ensembles, and Notetorius. Ryan has worked with the sound team on the shows; The Odyssey and Robin Hood. He is excited to learn even more from this production. Ryan would like to thank his parents for all of their support in his involvement in the musical, his grandparents for never missing a show and lastly, Jack Newcomb for introducing him to the musical life in the show Pippin.

Alex O.


Oseland, Alex W.jpg

Alexandria is a 9th grader  and is so excited to be a part of her first musical! She is honored to be a part of the Newsies cast this year as a Nun! For extracurricular activities she enjoys taking voice and piano lessons along with singing in the BHS a cappella group Da Capo. She also enjoys playing her ukuleles and guitar during her free time. She loves to perform and is thrilled to be part of this production!  Alexandria would like to thank her family, teachers, and friends for supporting her through this journey! She would also like to thank the amazing cast, crew, and directors for making this musical possible.

Kaelyn P.

Bowery Beauty

Parker, Kaelyn W.jpg

Kaelyn is thrilled to be performing in her second BHS musical production! She found her love for music and theatre at a very young age, and has welcomed the incredible opportunities this program has to offer. Kaelyn is a dedicated member of the BHS  Choir program, and of its after-school Chamber Choir. Her favorite thing about being in the cast is the family-like bond she has been able to form with people who share her passion for performing. Kaelyn would like to give a special thank you to her friends and family for their continuous love and support, and to her voice coach Karen Roberts for helping her continue her development as a musician.

Hailee P.


Paskievitch, Hailee W.jpg

Hailee is an 11th grader and is over the moon excited to be a part of Newsies. This is Hailee’s sixth musical, third at BHS. She loves the opportunity she has been given to be a part of something amazing. Singing, dancing, and acting are her favorite things to do.   She’d like to thank the creative team for this wonderful opportunity. She’s also like to thank all of her close friends and family for supporting her and building her confidence. Thank you for coming to see Newsies, enjoy the show!

Emily P.


Podolski, Emily W.jpg

Emily is an 11th grader. Newsies is her second musical at BHS and she is so excited to be a part of it! Along with the musical, Emily is on Varsity volleyball and she is a part of Young Life. In her free time, she loves playing guitar, listening to music, and just being with her friends and family.  Emily would like to thank her mom, dad, and sister for their love and support, and her amazing friends for putting up with her.

Peter P.

Police Officer

Price, Peter W.jpg

Peter is in 12th grade and this is his first time participating in the musical. He has never been a part of any acting performance before, but he is optimistic about being a part of the program. He has been a part of the Marching 250+ since 9th grade, and he is excited about opening up his horizons and trying new things.   Peter would like to thank his friends and family for pushing him to try out. He is excited to perform alongside those he cares about.