Cast 2

Austin E.


Eckert, Austin W.jpg

Austin is an 11th grader and just moved here from Pine City, Minnesota. While there he participated in Beauty and the Beast as Maurice, and also in The Dining Room. He enjoys running cross country and track and singing. He sings in the Brighton Barbershop Quartet, Notetorious and Chiaroscuro. He is very excited to be in Newsies!  He wants to give special thanks to his Mom, Dad, Robert and Caitlynn for supporting him in all that he does!

Sami F.

Set Finishing Team

Fecker, Sami W.jpg

This is Sam's first musical experience at BHS, and she has never been more excited. With her creative drive, she has poured her all into everything that she has worked on this year to try to make the show the best it could be. She has been a part of the marching band all throughout high school and hopes to study animation after she has graduated.   She is grateful to her incredible mom and dad along with her loving stepmom and wonderful little sister who have been there to support her in following her dreams.

Wyatt F.

Production Stage Manager

Feldmann, Wyatt W.jpg

Wyatt  is in 11th grade. He was involved in White Christmas in his 8th grade year and in his freshman year with Honeymoon in Vegas. Wyatt was also involved in the plays; The Crucible, Ugly Sweaters, The Dining Room and this year's Robin Hood.  Wyatt is on the Mt. Brighton Ski Patrol, BHS’s Yearbook Photography, and the Chamber of Commerce.   Wyatt would like to thank his parents for supporting him through the long rehearsals and the directors for being awesome, uplifting and motivating.

Mary F.

Scenic Coordinator

Fogg-Liedel, Mary 7181.JPG W.jpg

Mary is in 11th grade and this is her 3rd year in the musical. When she's not backstage. She's a proud member of the BHS band program. Mary also participates in the Livonia Youth Orchestra. This summer, she will be touring with the Blue Lake International Symphonic Orchestra to Germany and France; playing the bassoon.   Mary would like to thank her parents for supporting her and giving her as many opportunities as they can.

Megan F.


Foster, Megan W.jpg

Megan is in 10th grade and this is her first year participating in a BHS musical production. She plays trumpet for the wind ensemble and was in the Livingston County Honors band last year. She enjoys running for the cross country and track team with her amazing teammates!  Megan would like to thank her mother for always encouraging her, her father for believing in her, and her brother, Sean for always pushing her to do her best in life and music. Megan would also like to thank Mrs. Hellick for helping her reach many musical goals.

Becca F.


Fuller, Becca W.jpg

This is Becca's 4th musical at BHS, and sadly her last. She enjoys being involved at school and in choir. She is a dedicated BKOM mentor, Peer for Peer mentor, and Peer Mediator. She is proud to be the President of the Choir Council board, and loves the BHS choir more than anything. Becca would like to thank all of her friends and family for being so loving and supportive, she could not have done this without them.

Lindsay F.


Fuller, Lindsey W.jpg

Lindsey is a 10th grader and is very excited to be in her 2nd BHS musical production this year. In her spare time she is a part of the BHS choir and the female a cappella group Chicappella. She has also been in musicals including Pippin, The Addams Family and Annie. She hopes to continue performing in musicals at BHS.  Lindsey would like to thank her parents, sisters; Becca and Erin and her second family, the Rondeau’s and everyone else who has supported her this year in musical.

Marissa G.


Gabriele, Marissa W.jpg

Marissa is in 12th grade and this is her first production with the BHS Musical. Marissa is a part of the BHS Dance Company, a studio dance team and the Bella Voce choir. She likes to spend her free time painting and listening to music.  Marissa would like to thank her parents, coaches and friends for always believing in her and helping her become the person she is today. She would also like to thank the directors for giving her this opportunity!

Megan G.


Gackler, Megan W.jpg

This is Megan's second year in the musical. In addition to doing the musical Megan is president of Swing Dance Club, and spends her free time listening to music and doing historical research. Megan is considering a career in either history or politics, and may run for president in 2040.  She would like to thank her friends and family who have been endlessly supportive of her love of history, and the creative team, who have given her invaluable practical experience as a historian.

Olivia G.


Gregg, Olivia W.jpg

Olivia is a 10th grader and is very excited to be participating in her first musical here. She was previously a part of Willy Wonka Jr. and Elf Jr. at Scranton. She was also in this year's fall play, Robin Hood. Outside of theatre, Olivia is part of the track and field team and the band.  She would like to thank her family and friends for always being loving and supportive.

Madison H.


Haefner, Madison W.jpg

This is Madison’s first musical at BHS, but it is her fifth time performing in a musical stage production.  Some of her past roles include Goran from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and The Lullaby League from The Wizard of Oz.  When not on stage, she loves drawing, riding her horse, and spending time with her friends, family, and pets. Madison would like to thank; her mom and dad for all their love, encouragement, and support, her friends and family for all their support and their kind words in getting her here, her vocal coach for helping her through songs bit by bit and thank whoever supported her through this production.

Connor H.

Jack Kelly/Choreography Team

Hall, Connor W.jpg

Connor is more than excited to play the role of Jack Kelly!  He feels honored to be cast in such a big part and is more than ready to give it his all and make this a great show! Connor is in 12th grade and this will be his fifth show, after White Christmas, Honeymoon in Vegas, Pippin, and Robin Hood. He is also very involved in performing arts outside of musical, as he participates in Chamber Choir and is a leader of the a cappella group Notetorious. Connor would like to thank his family for always supporting him in whatever he does, the directors for all of their help through this journey, and all of his friends who encouraged him to do the best he could. He knows that he certainly wouldn't be where he is today if it weren't for all of them.

Gavin H.

Drum Set

Harrigan, Gavin W.jpg

Gavin, a 11th grader, has been drumming for 7 years. He started off playing the drums at BuzzTop Studios which led to him playing at local bars and taverns. Gavin has also been the pit drummer for the BHS musicals; Honeymoon in Vegas and Pippin. He is also the founder of the band; The Line, which performs at local coffee shops and bars.  Gavin would like to give a special thanks to BuzzTop Studios along with his family and friends who have supported him along the way.

Sydney H.


Haubenstricker, Sydney W.jpg

Sydney is in 10th grade and is very excited to take part in Newsies this year. This is her first production at BHS. She was in Mary Poppins Jr. at Encore Youth theatre. Outside of the BCPA you can find Sydney diving at the pool, launching herself over a pole at pole vault, or most commonly, doing homework.   Sydney would like to thank her friends and family for putting up with and encouraging her through these busy months. She would also like to thank any movie/musical director or writer that has inspired her over the years to bring her to where she is today.

Hailey H.


Hilscher, Hailey W.jpg

This is Hailey's second year participating in the musical program.  She is in 10th grade. She is excited to be playing auxiliary percussion in the pit again.  She is a snare on Drum Line for the second year in a row. She also loves to ski and is super excited to be playing the triangle this year along with 27 other instruments!  She would like to thank her big sister; McKenzie, for persuading her to join the pit. It really is all that her sister talked it up to be and more. She would like to thank her mom and dad for all their love and support, as well as Brandon Krueger and Mrs. Hoffman for sharing their musical knowledge.

Ben H.


Hoang, Ben W.jpg

This is Ben's first onstage role in a musical. He has previously done off stage work for BHS's Honeymoon In Vegas and had an onstage role for the 2018 play, Robin Hood. He co-leads Notetorious, is in Chamber Choir, and has been playing piano for nine years.  Ben would like to thank his parents for their unending love and support, the directors for giving him this amazing opportunity, and his friends for inspiring him in every way possible.