Aubrey A.


Adams, Aubrery 7300 W.jpg

Aubrey is an 11th grader and is extremely excited to be participating in the musical this year. This will be her first musical and second production at BHS. Besides doing productions, Aubrey plays soccer and enjoys photography. Aubrey would like to thank her family and friends for always supporting her. She would also like to thank Kate Denzler for inspiring her in the makeup field.

Cate A.


Addor, Cate W.jpg

Cate is a 11th grader and this will be her second production with the BHS Musical, but her 12th on stage performance overall with both BHS and The Encore Youth Theater. She is looking forward to participating in even more shows through the coming years. Cate is currently in the Performing Arts Club. When she’s not at BHS, Cate likes to read books or dive into the story of a movie or tv show. Cate would like to thank her family for coming to all of her shows and her friends, who are always there when she needs them.

Cole A.


Aten, Cole W.jpg

This is Cole's first musical ever and he is very excited to start his 9th grade year off as a saxophone in the pit. He has been in multiple honors bands and top bands at music camps. Cole picked up the saxophone in 5th grade and loved it instantly and has ever since. Cole loves to swim competitively and is on the men's varsity swim and dive team and loves to hang out with his friends. He has been watching this musical for a really long time and is really excited and glad he will be able to be a part of this production. Cole would like to thank his family and friends for always being there for him at all times and his older brother for inspiring him to join the musical

Josh A.

Mr. Jacobi/Mayor

Auten, Josh W.jpg

This is Josh's fourth and last musical at BHS. He is in the 12th grade and has been in the theatre program all four years. He has been in other shows such as Our Town and Cinderella. Josh's hobbies include acting, hiking, and taking pictures. He plans to go to Michigan State University next year and would like to double-major in Business and Theatre.  Josh would like to thank his lovely sisters for always believing in him.

Aimee B.


Bean, Aimee W.jpg

Aimee is in 10th grade. She has participated in thirteen other musical productions. You may have seen her most recently in James and the Giant Peach Jr. at the Community Theatre of Howell. She is absolutely thrilled to be a part of this production, and thanks all cast and crew members for this wonderful opportunity. Enjoy the show, and Watch What Happens!  A special thanks to my sister for biting me with the theatre bug, to my mother for helping me develop my singing voice, my dad for supporting me no matter what, my voice teacher; Sally Mikat for helping me prepare and develop my voice and everyone else in my life, love you guys to death.

Hannah B.


Bedner, Hannah W.jpg

Hannah is a 12th grader and is thrilled to be playing in the pit orchestra for her third year, after playing in Honeymoon in Vegas and Pippin. Outside of the musical, she is a section leader in the marching band and plays both club and Varsity volleyball. Her hobbies include camping, petting her cat, performing experiments in coffee cup calorimetry, and skiing.  Hannah would like to thank her parents for always supporting her and pushing her to challenge herself, her friends for always being there for her, her teachers for being awesome, and everyone who has inspired her love of music.

Matt B.

Assist. Executive Production Admin

Blakeslee, Matt W.jpg

Matt is a 12th grader and Newsies is the first production he’s been involved in. Matt would like to thank Caitlin Kozlowski, for talking him into this,  Sidney Jordan, for being an awesome assistant to the assistant, Mrs. Holowicki, for being an excellent teacher and mentor over the last three years, his friends, and last but not least, his wonderful family, who has shown nothing but support throughout the production.

Aiden B.


Bourgeau, Aiden W.jpg

This is Aiden’s 3rd musical at BHS. Aiden is in choir as well as two after school a cappella groups; Notetorious and Da Capo. He is also in Chamber Choir. Aiden also loves to play guitar and is a guitarist and vocalist in his band The Line. Aiden has been singing for 11 years as well as two years in the MSVMA state honors choir. Aiden has been in the last two musicals, Honeymoon in Vegas as Johnny Sandwich and in Pippin in the ensemble.   Aiden would like to thank the directors and all of his family for being so amazing and supportive, especially his mother, father, and sister.

Conner B.


Boyle, Connor W.jpg

Conner Boyle is a 10th grader and has been doing choir and musical theater his entire life. However, this is his first year in a high school level musical. He is in the BHS Chamber Choir, and was The Sheriff of Nottingham during this year's Robin Hood.   He would like to thank his friends and his family for pushing him forward in his interests, and helping him improve over the years.

Maizie B.


Braasch, Maizie W.jpg

Maizie is a 10th grader. This will be the fourth big musical she has performed in. She likes to sing in her free time and she performs in BHS Choirs and is on the Brighton track and field team. She loves being in musicals and choir in general! Maizie would like to thank her family, friends, cast, and directors for everything they have done to make this show such a success and for constantly helping her and supporting what she does! She is so proud of everyone and everything that came together to make this possible over the past few months! She hopes you enjoy the show!  

Spencer C.


Cacicedo, Spencer W.jpg

Spencer is in 12th grade and looking forward to his future. Spencer is in his second musical following his music performance passion. He is in the BHS Men's Choir and Wind Ensemble.   He would like to thank his parents and sister for pushing him everyday to be better and would like to thank his private lessons teacher, Sharon Long, for teaching him more and more every day.

Lexy C.

Hair and Makeup

Catner, Lexy W.jpg

Lexy is a junior at BHS, this is her third year doing the musical. She loves being a part of the hair and makeup crew and has plans to go into cosmetology after high school. Lexy works as a makeup artist and spokes model for Shi Lessner Photography. She enjoys being part of the high school drumline and marching band. She is also Vice President of the BHS Swing Dance Club. Lexy would like to thank her mother for encouraging her to pursue her career in cosmetology.

Henry C.

Morris Delancey

Clise, Henry W.jpg

Henry is in 11th grade and participates in many school activities.  He is on the BHS Varsity Football team. Henry was Robin Hood in this year's production of Robin Hood: A Comedy, he has also appeared onstage for Do You Know Me? for the past two years. He is very excited to be a part of his first musical; Newsies!  Henry would love to give special thanks to his family. Both of his parents have allowed him to pursue new inspirations in his life, onstage or off. He would also like to thank Mrs. Goller for giving him the chance to really shine onstage and be a part of such a wonderful cast and family.

Abbie C.

Marketing Production Assistant

Collom, Abbie W.jpg

Abbie is in 9th grade and is very excited to be in her first BHS musical. You might have also seen her onstage as a Forester in Robin Hood this past fall. She is in the Red Cross Club and loves it!  She would like to thank her parents, family, and friends for always being there for her,  Skylar Deming for believing in her and giving her the best advice and Mrs. Barnes, her 3rd grade teacher for believing she could do anything she put her mind to and always being there for her when she was needed!

Glory C.

Props team

Crosheck, Glory W.jpg

Glory Crosheck is in 10th grade. She is very excited about this season in the BHS Musical Theater Program. Glory enjoys playing softball, singing in choir, and is on the color guard. These activities, plus raising lambs for fair, tend to take up most of her time. She was previously in Willy Wonka Jr., Elf Jr., and Pippin.  Glory would like to thank her dad and stepfamily for always supporting her in everything she wants to do. She hopes you enjoy the show!

Hannah C.


Crouch, Hannah W.jpg

This is Hannah's first year in a BHS musical. She is in 9th grade and has always loved to act and sing. Hannah is also involved in her own music outside of school. She is currently working on her own album in addition to her previously released EP album. A fun fact about Hannah is that she loves the ocean.  Hannah would like to give a special thanks to her family and friends for always choosing to support her decision to be involved with the performing arts, as well as her mentor Josh Bertrand for helping her further her career in music.